Awareness Training and Higher Applied Research in Value Education & Science

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Journal of Personality & Social Sciences is published half yearly in June and December respectively. This bilingual interdisciplinary journal is fully devoted to the publication of original revolutionary research papers, review articles, research notes and book reviews. The impact of potential entrants of Indian higher education system can be felt in most of the functional areas like access, equity and quality. Moreover in view of the inherent lapses in the regulatory structure of the system (Rishipratha or Vedic tradition), unregulated foreign participation may lead to unfair and exploitative practices. Thus in order to ensure excellence and reasonable match between demand and supply of globally acceptable labour, striking balance has to be restored between accessibility to world class educational system and model exemplifying national values, ethics and standards.

JPSS is not only a platform of thinkers, scholars, students and responsible world citizens but also it comes with a mission to make people aware with moral consciousness and refresh them with the enthusiastic balance between thought and action. This refereed Journal is being followed in different disciplines like Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Literature and all applied sciences that should be interesting and thoughts provoking against social and moral abuses. It generates appetite for knowledge and involves in solution based teaching.

The readers and contributors may also contact with our Email address for the revolutionary aspirations against the violation of human rights and country wide corruption and Psychic pressure by norm-less life style. A typed article with abstracts in Hindi should be Walkman Chanakya-901 in pagemaker-7 & in English it should be Arial with C.D. must be submitted to the editors.